ELITE DIRETO XR-T單車訓練台 / ELITE DIRETO XR-T Dire-Drive Bike Smart Trainer

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  • Slope simulation : 24%
  • Accurate measurement : ±1.5%
  • Compatible with : Rizer
Direto XR

Direto XR-T

The Elite DIRETO XR-T is the home trainer you were looking for your indoor training this season. This trainer is the biggest evolution of the Elite Direto trainers featuring an integrated power meter.
Ideal for reaching the highest level of performance and working out in a totally immersive home training experience.

Registered design
Bkool certified

Plug & Play, comes with 11spd cassette

Just like Suito, the DIRETO XR trainer will help you work out on your bike in the easiest and quickest fashion since the first unboxing.
Plug & Play and very stable, Direto XR folds quickly for storage when not in use and features a practical integrated handle that makes it easier to carry it with you.

In addition to that, the DIRETO XR-T is a direct-drive home trainer meaning that it is one of the quietest home trainer on the market.

Integrated power meter

The OTS (Optical Torque Sensor) ensures DIRETO XR-T the greatest data accuracy while you’re training. This is an innovative integrated power meter for the hometrainer to measure power output with a ± 1,5% accuracy, 0.5 % more to the original Direto trainer.

The Elite DIRETO XR-T is the only hometrainer in the world with the original Drivo, Drivo II, Direto and Direto x trainers to actually measure your power output via an integrated power meter. That’s why it sets itself apart as one of the most accurate hometrainers on the market.

Incredible slope simulation

The DIRETO XR is an interactive home trainer so it varies automatically resistance during your training. With an upgraded and bigger flywheel, the DIRETO XR-T is able to simulate up to an incredible 24% slope gradient – 10% more than what the original Direto could do and a plus 6% than the Direto X.

This unprecedented power level ensures excellent performances even during particularly intense training sessions – you’ll be able the check out all your training charts at a glance, conduct tests to evaluate your fitness level, do reps and high-speed sprints at max power.
Any type of training you want is available to you riding on the DIRETO XR-T.

Super compatible

The Elite DIRETO XR ensures total compatibility with both road and MTB bicycles making it one of the most compatible trainer on the market.

This trainer features a new structure which is perfect to house derailleurs with long cages that feature greater capacity on bigger 12-speed sprocket sets. This is how the DIRETO XR-T is compatible with 9/10/11 speed Shimano®/SRAM, 9/10/11/12 speed Campagnolo, 12 speed SRAM NX and 12 speed Shimano® micro Spline cassettes.

Total Interactivity

DIRETO XR is counted among the new generation of ANT+™ FE-C & Bluetooth interactive home trainers that are compatible with any kind of app, software, computer and device (smartphones and tablets) that support iOSAndroidOSX and Windows.
Set your course or training programs with a few clicks and start pedaling right away. DIRETO XR will automatically adjust resistance and manage your training session.

DIRETO XR can be managed via the My E-Training software & app (12-month free subscription included) or other indoor cycling services, such as: Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, Bkool, Kinomap and many more.


Tech specs: Elite Direto XR-T

  • Electrical Requirement: Input 100-240 volts 50-60 hz 6A – Output 12 volts 1,5A
  • Dimensions Open: (L X W X H) 650 x 840 x 550 mm / 25.6’’ x 34’’ x 21.6’’
  • Dimensions Closed: (L X W X H) 650 x 300 x 550 mm / 25.6’’ x 11.8’’ x 21.6’’
  • Weight: 16 kg / 35.30 lb
  • Power Meter Accuracy: ± 1,5%
  • Wireless Communication: ANT+™ (FE-C, Power, Speed & Cadence) and Bluetooth (FTMS, Power and Speed Cadence)
  • Max Simulated Slop: 24%
  • Max Power: 1100 Watt (20km/h) – 2300 Watt (40km/h)
  • Flywheel Weight: 5.1kg
  • Bike Compatibility: Road bikes, Mountain bikes, City bikes – including carbon ones, with 130-135 x 5mm hubs and with quick clamping system and 142x12mm with thru-axle (an adapter for 135×10-12mm and rear 148x12mm Boost hubs is available)



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