GIRO Vanquish MIPS Helmet Eyeshield 頭盔防霧鏡

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Giro Vanquish MIPS Eye Shield

Replace your lost or broken Giro Vanquish Eye Shield with genuine Giro replacement part designed to fit your Vanquish.


Giro’s Vanquish is a beast of an aero helmet. It’s totally refined to help you go faster with zero compromises. Giro designed the helmet with a shield so you can forgo your typical sunnies, and the helmet is even faster when using the shield as it better streamlines airflow. The replacement Giro Vanquish Eye Shield is available if you happen to scratch or lose the originals or if you just want to match your team kit a little better. Using Carl Zeiss lenses, the road-tuned Vivid shield increases contrast and definition while keeping colors true to light. The shield attaches to the helmet via magnets and can be flipped up and docked on extended climbs or in low light.

  • Magnetically docks to the helmet for easy on/off.
  • Makes the Giro Vanquish helmet even faster.
  • Vivid optics by Carl Zeiss increase contrast and definition on the road.
  • Anti Fog.
  • Genuine Giro Replacement Part.



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