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KABUTO ZENARD-EX Cycling Helmet 頭盔

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KABUTO 旗艦級的公路車頭盔

全新的調節扣採用了BOA 技術

另外頭盔內部前方有”Ultra Sweat Pad-01”,以防止汗水從前額滲透到眼睛,並有效地引導前額的左右

● “Boa® Fit System” adopted to “KBF-1” Adjuster

Kabuto developed the newly adopted “KBF-1 Adjuster” equipped with “Boa® Fit System” that enables fine adjustment and uniform tightening for better fitting to the head. KBF-1 Adjuster is adjustable at the height in four levels, realizing a comforable fit.

“Ultra Sweat Pad-01” 

In addition to standard “Normal Inner Pad Set (7mm thick)”, “Ultra Sweat Pad-01” is packaged for excessive perspiration. “Ultra Sweat Pad-01” has floating structure that prevents intrusion of sweat runnning through your face, and it efficiently guides sweat to the left and right, keeping you from being distracted by sweat drippings while riding bicycle.

Color: Matte White, Matte Black, White Red

Size (reference weigt):S/M(205g)、L(220g)



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