Kask Protone Helmet 頭盔

原價: HK$2280

推廣優惠價 : HK$1790 (WG11版)
HK$1340 (Team SKY藍白色)

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The Protone weighs just 215g and uses a 3D Dry padding with a multi-layer open cell construction process to give a more comfortable ride. It has removable and washable inner padding, made from CoolMax® fabrics and its inner padding fabric has been treated using the Sanitized® antimicrobial process. KASK has also continued to use its Multi In-Moulding Technology to create a polycarbonate cover for the top, base ring and the back of the helmet’s shell. This is joined to the inner polystyrene cap via KASK’s In-Moulding Technology to improve the shell’s shock absorption. Its strengthened frame further reduces the risk of a shock breaking the shell. Safer than ever, the PROTONE passes the KASK WG11 test and surpasses European safety standards by 48%, providing a significant improvement in front, rear and top impacts over its predecessor.


215 g (M size)

product code




M 52 – 58 cm 20 15/32 – 22 53/64 inch
L 59 – 62 cm 23 15/64 – 24 13/32 inch



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