推廣優惠價 : 550ml – HK$57

                       750ml – HK$65

                       950ml – HK$77


FLY MTB, lightness and performance in mountain bike

FLY MTB is a really versatile product, designed to offer mountain bikers a very light, performing and resistant bottle, to use without worrying about the cleanliness of the push-pull valve.

Adding a detachable transparent plastic cap to protect the lid prevents the bottle to be covered of dust, mud and other external agents that might land on the spout while riding the MTB on rocky, off-road paths.

Record lightness and great liquid flow

The Elite FLY range is widely known as the lightest bottle cages ever created thanks to its 30% weight decrease compared to traditional bottles on the market. This is achieved through their variable thickness structure – they’ve got a thin middle part and a thick bottom, so there’s less material used at no expense of the resistance or functional qualities of the bottle.

This feature contribute in making the FLY range super-comfortable – in fact, the bottle ensures an exceptional grip while guaranteeing double water flow rate with minimum effort.


Compact design

New, unique racing design, developed for great stability in the bottlecage and easy extraction while cycling. FLY MTB’s compact shape makes it easy to use with smaller and sloping frames. Standard diameter makes FLY MTB compatible with most bottlecages on the market.

Other info

  • Squeeze

  • BPA free

  • Liquid maximum temperature 40°C

  • Lavabile in lavastoviglie



搶先評價 “ELITE FLY MTB水壺-550ML ,750ML,950ML/ ELITE FLY MTB BOTTLES-550ML ,750ML,950ML”

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