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ERGON GP3 BioKork GRIPS 環保纖維(水松木)人體工學人間肉球牛角手把套

原價 HK$550

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The BioKork version of the GP3 with a 3-finger bar end provides a wide range of use, ranging from mountain bikes to fitness to touring bikes. The bar end angle can be adjusted independently from the angle of the grip for the perfect personal fit and the bar end doubles as a clamp to lock the grip in place and prevent movement while riding. Like all the grips in the GP-Series, the GP3 BioKork eliminates numb hands, aching fingers, and tired forearms. The grip body is made up of 40% cork, which is sustainably grown in Portugal and able to meet strict ecological guidelines. The central core uses 20% less plastic and is reinforced with natural fibers. All components of the grip are produced with regards to sustainability. (Carbon bar Compatible)
Name GP3 BioKork
Use Mountain Bike, Touring, Commuting
Weight ca. 260 g*
Size L
Variant Regular
Barend Fiberglass Composite with Rubber Inserts

*Weights may vary in production. Weight per pair.


Since hand sizes vary from person to person, the GP Series and GS Series grips are offered in two sizes; Small and Large.

These sizes refer to the gripping circumference. The Large size is a thicker grip, and the Small is a thinner grip. Two size options offer better hand closure around the grip surface. These size differences have a direct impact on the overall handling of the bike, as well as comfort.



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