FINISH LINE 單車護理套裝 8.0 / FINISH LINE Pro Care Bucket Kit 8.0

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Pro Care Bucket Kit 8.0


Total Bicycle Care in a convenient carry/storage scrub bucket!

The Pro Care Bucket Kit 8.0 includes eight items! It’s everything you’ll need for the total care of your bicycle. Nothing is more fun than a fresh, clean, lubed bike – you’ll ride faster, smoother, and longer when you use the included items to care for your bike.

Includes both a 4oz WET and 8oz DRY lubes so you’re set for all weather conditions. No matter if you plan to ride in wet weather or dry dusty environments – the lube you’ll need is included in this kit. You’ll find a bottle of Super Bike Wash included so you can keep your bike looking fresh and new. There’s a can of Speed Degreaser for quick and easy on-the-bike cleaning of drivetrain parts and a 20oz bottle of Multi Bike Degreaser to clean extreme dirty parts. There’s both a Grunge Brush and a large Scrub Brush for really getting into all the areas of your bike when it comes time to give it a serious bath. And of course a water tight Scrub Bucket to hold your soapy water while you clean, which doubles as a great storage place for all your bicycle care stuff while you’re out riding.

Also included is a Bicycle Maintenance Guide to give you the tips and instruction you’ll need to keep your bike in top running condition.

The Pro Care Bucket Kit 8.0 sets you up with all the best items for excellent bicycle care. It is our ‘Total Bicycle Care’ selection – a great gift item for the avid cyclist.



– 4oz WET Lube
– 8oz DRY Lube
– 1 Liter Super Bike Wash
– 17oz Speed Degreaser
– Grunge Brush
– Scrub Brush
– 20oz Multi Bike Degreaser
– Water-Tight Easy-Carry scrub Bucket
– Bicycle Maintenance Guide



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