ULAC VALKYRIE K9S 3位密碼鎖(登山鎖扣鋼纜密碼鎖) 5MMX120CM / ULAC K9S LOCK 5MMX120CM

推廣優惠價 : $99



Karabiner Cable Lock Combo

The Valkyrie Karabiner lock combines functionality and aesthetics. Helmet, wheel, saddle, frame, done. In addition, the lock can be used for, tool boxes, luggage and sports equipments. A true multipurpose lock. Super strong pulling force of 150kg = 330lbs


Speciality :

  • Lightweight of 118g. = 0.26lbs
  • Pulling Force 150kg = 330lbs
  • Resettable combination
  • Ideal prevention from occasional theft
  • Multipurpose lock for Helmet, Wheel, Saddle and Frame
  • Attaches perfectly in backpacks and bike saddles
  • Protection for luggage, sports equipments
  • Braided steel cable with strength core


Cable Dimensions: 5mm (0.2in) cable diameter

Cable Length: 120cm (47in) extended

Weight: 118g. / 0.26lbs (lock only)




搶先評價 “ULAC VALKYRIE K9S 3位密碼鎖(登山鎖扣鋼纜密碼鎖) 5MMX120CM / ULAC K9S LOCK 5MMX120CM”

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