VITTORIA Rubino Pro Control 第二代石墨烯摺呔

推廣優惠價 : $232



Performance and resistance

Exclusive Graphene 3C compound technology
Full bead-to-bead tread wrap
Supple yet durable casing for extended use

For the worst road conditions

The Rubino Pro Control is a folding tyre with a very robust construction, capable of handling the worst of road conditions, without sacrificing the performance the Rubino range is known for. With full bead-to-bead tread wrap, cuts and punctures are dramatically reduced, and are reinforced with the PRB anti-puncture layer inside the casing. The Rubino Pro Control also shares the exclusive 3C Graphene compound structure, long service life, puncture protection, sharp handling traits, and lightweight folding bead material of the Rubino Pro.

Available Sizes

Size ETRTO Tire Bead Material Color Weight Art. Cod.
700x23c 23-622 Foldable Nylon 60 TPI Black 290g 11A00149
700x25c 25-622 Foldable Nylon 60 TPI Black 300g 11A00150
700x28c 28-622 Foldable Nylon 60 TPI Black 340g 11A00151



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