BROOKS Plump Leather Grips 真皮手筒

原價 HK$560

推廣優惠價: HK$449

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左右把長度可由100mm至130mm 分別自由調較真皮把套

In the Brooks tradition, Brooks grips are made of natural leather, the same long wearing leather used for our saddle tops. Each grip is made with a stack of leather washers cut from the scrap of our saddle tops. These washers are held together by 3 spokes, enabling the grip to be adjusted to the desired length. The standard length of each grip is 130 mm, but each grip can be shortened to the desired length independently. The grips are delivered in a box containing shorter 80 mm spokes to make them even shorter.

Color顏色:  Black 黑色; Honey 蜜糖色;  Aged 柔啡色



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