Cateye Gopro Light Bracket Adapter (CA5445340)

原價 HK$77

推廣優惠價: HK$69


– Description

GoPro Compatible Headlight Bracket Adaptor
This CatEye accessory is the GP Bracket for the OF-200 Out-Front Bracket 2 handlebar mount. It is a GoPro compatible headlight bracket adaptor for modern CatEye headlights and is suitable for installation on products compatible with the H-34N bracket.

High-Quality CatEye Spare Part Made In Japan
Commonly used to attach CatEye rechargeable lights and action cameras to your CatEye OF-200 Out-Front Bracket 2 you can purchase this piece to replace a damaged component or to leave permanently attached to a secondary device. The GP Bracket (5445340) is a genuine, high-quality CatEye spare part made in Japan.

Compatible with:
CatEye Out-Front Bracket 2 (OF-200)
GO PRO mount
H-34N compliant light bracket
CatEye rechargeable front bike lamps
Volt 100 HL-EL150RC
Volt 200 HL-EL151RC
Volt 300 HL-EL460RC
Volt 400 HL-EL461RC
Volt 700 HL-EL470RC
Volt 800 HL-EL471RC
Volt 1200 HL-EL1000RC
Volt 1600 HL-EL1010RC
Volt 1700 HL-EL1020RC
Volt 6000 HL-EL6000RC

– Features

• GP Bracket for CatEye OF-200 Out-Front Bracket 2
• Accepts CatEye rechargeable headlights
• For products compatible with H-34N
• Suitable for action cameras
• GO PRO mount is not included

• Part Number: 5445340
• Weight: 9g (total)
• Country of Manufacture: Japan



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