ELITE FLY 水壺-550ML / ELITE FLY BOTTLES-550ML (環義/環法限量版2022)

推廣優惠價 : HK$65 (550ML)


Fly Elite

FLY ELITE is the lightest 550 ml sports bottle available worldwide.

Its record 54 grams-only weight (550ml) is achieved through its variable thickness. Thicker on the base and thinner on the central body, this doesn’t just make it possible to use less plastic material, it also ensures a tight grip when cycling and an easy to squeeze ergonomic structure so liquid flow is abundant with the lightest pressure.

FLY ELITE is available in many different colour options for a perfect match with the frame of your bike and your bottle cage.


Weight: 54g(550ml)

Material: plastic

Diameter: 74mm



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