Minoura HMS-10 座位叉型維修架 / Minoura HMS-10 Saddle Hook Type Maintenance Stand

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Super simple maintenance stand. Just hook the saddle.
Used as a storage base for one bike.

Simply hook the seat post to the U-shaped pipe
Formed urethane cover protects bike and seat post finish
Easy fold legs with knob bolt
Stand is not recommended for adjustment and maintenance of the front wheel


  • Install bike by inserting deeply the seat post to the U-shaped pipe
  • Durable stand made from metal
  • Front wheels rests on ground
  • Recommend for adjusting or maintaining drive train or rear wheel
  • Rotated U-shaped hook corresponds to various seat angles


  • Will fit most bike designs or sizes however do not use when the seat height is over 1060mm from the floor
  • Maximum bike weight capacity is up to 15kg


  • SKU : 410-1600-01
  • Hook hight : 1,060mm
  • Max load : 15 kgs
  • Weight : 2.2 kgs
  • Material : Steel
  • Warranty : 1 year


Setup dimensions
  • W = 650 mm
  • D = 450 mm
  • H = 1,050 mm
  • Design for using a light weight sport bikes up to 15kg.
  • Remove the tail light, saddle bag from the seat post or saddle before using this stand.
  • Do not over tighten the nut on the mount. Bike should not be fully suspended but must have the front wheel touching the ground for stability
  • Do not push or press diagonally back. The stand may topple.
  • This stand is designed for light maintenance. Do not attempt any heavy work on the bottom bracket or drive train.




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