SUPER B 洗鏈器及清潔工具套裝~TB-32800 / SUPER B BIKE CLEANING SET~TB-32800

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Description :

• A perfect bike cleaning set includes one Super B’s patented folding brush TB-1711 and one chain cleaner TB-3208.
• TB-1711, the toothed-end and nylon brushes allow cleaning inaccessible places.
• TB-3208 for clean the chain easily with its rotating brushes. Foam wipes off the extra solvent from the chain, reducing the mess.
• It’s available to work with most degreasers such as citrus based degreaser.

1. Cover the working area with newspapers or rags to absorb excess cleaning fluid and dirt that may drip from the chain during cleaning.

2. Mount the bike on a work stand to ensure the chainset can spin freely.
Shift the chain onto the small freewheel and adjust the bike so that the lower portion of the chain is paralleled with the ground.

3. Brush off excess mud, dirt and grime from the chain and freewheel by cog brush and cleaning brush.

4. Assemble the handle onto the body of the chain cleaner.

5. Flip the locking clip to remove the lid upwards, position the Chain Cleaner on the lower portion of the chain, mid-way between the cog set and crank set.

6. Replace the lid and then flip the locking clip into place. You should hear an audible “CLICK” to indicate the locking clip is secured.

7. Add degreaser to the “FILL” line on the side of the lower case. Do not overfill to avoid spillage.

8. Hold firmly the chain cleaner handle with a hand, rotate the crank / pedal slowly counterclockwise several complete rotations until the entire chain has been through 2 or 3 cycles. Refill the reservoir with fresh cleaning fluid and repeat the process if necessary.

9. Remove the chain cleaner and dry the chain thoroughly with a rag to remove all cleaning fluid. Re-lubricate the chain.

10. Rinse the chain cleaner with water and dry in shade before storing.



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